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Land Snark strives to present a collection of tee shirts as eclectic as the twisted, talented minds of our designers (and customers). From nostalgic classics that will dredge up your childhood (or scream vintage cool, depending on your age) to comical takes on the issues of the day, to real-world interpretations of fictional products/places, to original takes on your favorite cities, sports and franchises, Land Snark looks to make a statement - or get a laugh - with original ideas and artwork that double as clothing. We sometimes aim to chide our targets or make a point via sarcasm (and snark!), but never intend to offend simply to be offensive. Then again, if you're truly offended by the message on a tee shirt, you might want to find a nation sans a First Amendment. So enjoy our takes on life, on the news, on the media, on classic movies, games, online phenomena, memes and sports -- and if you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us via